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Advanced technology supporting the world from a downtown factory

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Innovative polishing technology and high quality serviceContributing to the development of global industry

Our history and proud factory is located in Shitamachi Pride.

Our technological capabilities have been recognized by domestic carbide manufacturers and industrial cutler manufacturers, and we have established leadership in the field of cemented carbide polishing and grinding. The polishing technology and high-quality services originating from our downtown factory meet customer needs and contribute to the development of industry. Let us help you make the world a better place through our technological capabilities.

Technical capabilities

Keiyo Special Industries' technical capabilities






Centerless grinder 18 units

A centerless grinder is a machine tool that uses a rotating grindstone to reduce the outer diameter of a cylindrical workpiece. The workpiece is supported along the central axis, and friction is created between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, resulting in the scraping. This method is suitable for high-precision cylindrical machining and is widely used for machining shaft parts, shafts, pins, etc.

Centerless grinders are available with a variety of grindstones depending on the finish and surface roughness, providing high efficiency and precise finished dimensions.

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Dead tools 7 units

Dedicated Tool is a grinding machine specialized in carbide metal processing.

These tools are particularly suited for machining that requires dimensional accuracy and durability, and take full advantage of the properties of cemented carbide. Dead tools are custom modified and designed to meet specific machining needs and are used for C-face machining, conical machining, back taper machining, step machining, etc.



5 cylindrical grinders

A cylindrical grinder is a special machine tool used to precisely grind and shape cylindrical workpieces in cemented carbide metal processing.Cylindrical grinders are essential tools for achieving precise finishes and high-quality products in carbide metal machining.

Our company isCylindrical grinders are used for run-out processing, C-surface processing, outer diameter polishing, etc.

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2 rotary grinders

Internal grinding machine 2 units

Rotary grinding machines and internal grinding machines are special machine tools that play a very important role in carbide metal processing.


①Rotary grinding machine

The rotary grinder is used to polish the thickness of the carbide material used in the slitter.

②Inner diameter grinder

The internal diameter grinder is used to polish the inner diameter of the carbide material used in the slitter.

These grinders are essential tools when improved dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and wear resistance are required.



Surface grinder 5 units

A surface grinder is a machine tool used to polish flat surfaces in cemented carbide metal processing. This machine is used for surface finishing, improving dimensional accuracy and ensuring flatness.

Our company uses it to process the thickness, width, and length of carbide materials, as well as to process the edges of leather blades and blades.

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Universal grinder  4 units

A universal grinder is a machine tool used for versatile and wide range of grinding tasks in carbide metal machining. This grinding machine can perform flat, cylindrical, inner diameter, outer diameter, and other shapes of grinding, meeting a wide variety of machining needs with high precision.

​We use it for processing blades such as leather blades and slitter blades, and for processing special parts.



​Cutting machine 1 unit

This is a machine that cuts carbide materials.

​We use it to cut round and square bars made of carbide materials.

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