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Service introduction

By providing three services, we utilize a diverse lineup of carbide materials and precision carbide processing technology,We will solve your problems.

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Carbide material/carbide product processing

Utilizing the know-how and processing technology that we have cultivated as a specialist in carbide processing, we handle everything from purchasing carbide materials to processing carbide products.It is possible to respond consistently.


Carbide material selection

We have a diverse lineup of carbide materials, and we select the best carbide material to solve your problems by thoroughly analyzing causes and conditions. .

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Cemented carbide precision machining services

We not only provide carbide materials, but also handle all aspects of carbide processing. We provide customers with high value-added products using our extensive processing equipment and precision carbide processing technology, and by providing consistent services starting from carbide materials, we are also able to propose shapes that take advantage of the material's characteristics, providing maximum value to customers. This allows us to offer limited benefits.

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